Lead Paint Removal in NYC & Long Island

US Environmental Abatement Corp. out of Woodside & Westbury, New York offers comprehensive, fully licensed lead paint removal for business, government, and residential structures.

The Dangers of Lead Paint

Lead paint poses a danger to young children, and should be removed thoroughly and safely by a licensed lead paint abatement service. If exposed to lead paint chips or lead dust, it can lead to permanent brain damage. Children in their earlier developmental stages are at an even higher risk for lead poisoning.

Lead paint is particularly prone to chipping and flaking as it ages; if ingested, lead paint chips can cause irreversible brain damage and serious internal injuries to children, especially younger children.

Left Untreated

Because of the aforementioned dangers of lead paint in residential, commercial, and government properties, landlords and property owners can be charged with violations and levied heavy fines if lead paint is not safely and thoroughly removed.

Lead Paint Removal Service

US Environmental Abatement Corp. is licensed and insured by both the city and state of New York to safely remove lead paint from structures. While lead paint is mostly a concern for residential structures, there are also cases of lead paint in schools, hospitals, and other government facilities. US Environmental Abatement Corp. ensures the maximum lead abatement and removal, and is dedicated to providing the community with a healthier and safer environment.